Shopify vs. Magento – Compare and Analyze the Online Retail Market Needs in Australia

Everyone needs the right tools in order to do the best that they can for their business, and the great part about having an ecommerce business is the fact that you get access to a lot of great tools, the best of them being all of the amazing ecommerce platforms that you will have access to. Today we are going to be talking a bit more about two of the best, Shopify vs. Magento, so make sure you keep on reading in order to find out more about them and to figure out which one will be the better fit for your own Online business in Australia.

If you are looking for a way to start a business that will immediately be open to millions of people all over the world, then an online business on an ecommerce website is a great answer to that question. Ecommerce retail opens your business to a lot of different kinds of people, while also allowing you to make sure you are selling directly to your target audience, which is a great way for you to narrow down the best marketing techniques in order for you to get the final result, which is of course larger sales.

However, looking for platforms is something that can definitely be a bit of an issue for you since there is definitely a lot of different ones out there, and when you read a bunch of different promises and go through a whole lot of tools and features that you will supposedly get, it can be very hard for you to narrow down the choices. So, if you are someone that has trouble with that, then this is a good article for you to read because we are going to narrow things down for you in the hopes that we will make your choice much easier by comparing Shopfiy and Magento.

First, we are going to tell you all there is to know about Shopify. If you have had any kind of experience with ecommerce, or even if you have just done some research on your own you probably already know, or have at least heard about Shopify and that is thanks to the fact that, statistically, this is one of the most used platforms in the world. A huge reason for that is that this is a platform that was initially geared as a website builder for small businesses that is incredibly easy to use. However, over the years it has actually become an excellent ecommerce solution that also has an incredible POS system to boot.

The combination of an excellent website builder, ecommerce platform and POS system is a jack pot for any business owner, even if they are just starting out, so you can see why Shopify has so much appeal to users all over the world, including Australia. The design is a huge part of every ecommerce and Shopify is a leader when it comes to offering users the best templates in the world. They are all incredible looking, but what is more important is that they are all mobile friendly which means that your website will look

incredible and will be completely functional no matter what kind of device your customers are using. This is very important, since shopping online is all about efficiency and convenience and you want to be able to cater to all customers, regardless of the kind of devices they like to use in order to shop online. The security is also something that we have to talk about since it is a must have when working online. You will get some of the best protection for your business in Australia and you can be sure that all of your data will be completely safe.

Next in this Shopify vs. Magento comparison we are going to be talking about Magento. This is a very different platform to Shopify, mostly because they are both hosted differently. Unlike Shopify which is a fully hosted solution, Magento is actually a self-hosted platform that will require a bit more effort from your part in order for the solution to work properly. You will have to get your own hosting and take care of your own maintenance and security, but there are definite benefits to working with a platform like this. First of all, the code to the platform is open source and you will be able to access it and modify it completely. You will be able to do whatever you want with your ecommerce website, which is an option that only a self-hosted solution can give you.

Another excellent benefit of Magento is that it incredibly scalable and it also offers multiple language and currency options for your customers to choose from, while giving you an easy interface to work with and multi-store capabilities which will help you deal with every single store you have from the same Magento interface. You will also have the ability to expand the functionalities and really expand what your ecommerce can do thanks to the App store which is filled with third party add-ons, apps and extra features that would all be excellent additions to your ecommerce. You will need a bit more technical knowledge when dealing with Magento as opposed to when working with Shopify, so if you don’t think you are up to the task either consider hiring someone to do it for you, or just choose Shopify instead.

Even though both of these platforms are extremely popular and both of them will offer you a lot of great options, as you can see when comparing Shopify vs. Magento, they are also pretty different and will work differently for different people. We really hope that you learned a bit more about these two excellent options and we definitely recommend for you to check them out in more depth. Choosing the right platform for your business in Australia will be an investment, so be smart about it and do all of the research you can before committing to a solution. We hope you enjoyed reading this comparison article and that we have helped you pick the best solution for your business.