Who Should Host Your Online Store?

The best analogy to describe hosting is to liken it to a plot of the internet land where your website sits. A hosting service is important as it ensures that your website is online and running so that your customers can get you whenever they type your URL. It goes without saying that the hosting company you choose will significantly impact your online business. Hence, you have to take care when choosing a hosting service for your business. We bring you to speed on what you should look out for to identify the best hosting company for your business. We believe Shopify provides great website store hosting solutions! but it is up to you to choose the platform you prefer.

  • Bandwidth

Bandwidth should be on the top of your agenda when you are looking for the best hosting service. The bandwidth determines the amount of data that your internet connection can move at once. If your website features dozens of pages, lots of graphics, and heavy traffic, you will require a higher bandwidth as well as disk space. So, after you create online store, and set out to look for the most appropriate hosting service for your website, you had better find out whether they have unlimited bandwidth plans. Unlimited bandwidth plans will mean that your site also loads fast and therefore, your visitors will have a great experience.

  • Compatibility

Compatibility is another important feature that you must check out lest you get messed up. You have to identify which operating systems your hosting company supports. If you take up a hosting service that does not support your operating system, it may mean that you have to switch your operating system which can add up costs and adversely affect your business online.

  • Reliability

How reliable and available is the web hosting service is something that you might want to find out before engaging the services of a web hosting company. If the hosting company does not provide 98% to 99% uptime, you had better keep off. The uptime will determine whether your site will be useful in selling products online. If customers visit your site and find it unavailable, they can switch to your competition which can adversely affect the performance of your online store. The best way to determine the reliability of a hosting company is to look for customer reviews. The reviews of their customers will let you in on their performance.

  • Security

As you know, cyber crime is among the main challenges for online businesses. E-commerce platforms have lost money and other valuables as a result of hacking, identity theft, and fraud. So, after you successfully create online store,  before you select a hosting service, it is better to find out the kind of security that they offer. Do they have firewalls, user identifications, and daily backups? A hosting service should also include an SSL certificate in their hosting packages so as to secure the sensitive data of your visitors such as passwords, and credit card information. It is the requirement of the credit card industry that any website that stores sensitive information from clients must use an SSL certificate. Therefore, interrogate the security features provided by a hosting company before you subscribe to their services.

Hosting Packages

What hosting packages does the hosting company offer should also be among the fundamental things to consider before electing to subscribe.

Some of the common hosting packages are:

  • Shared web hosting
  • Shared web hosting is where you share the servers with other websites. It equally means that you also share other resources such as the memory.

  • Dedicated hosting

Dedicated web hosting, on the other hand, means that you get your server and all the associated resources.

  • WordPress hosting

WordPress hosting is perfect for websites created on WordPress. It has pre-installation features, faster load time, and security features unique to WordPress.

  • Customer service

Customer service is another feature worth considering for your business online. Whenever you experience problems, you need a hosting company that is readily available to fix your problem so that you don’t lose business. Finally, a hosting company with a trial period will be ideal for you to try out their services before committing to the long run.